November 19, 2006

Memoirs of a Geisha

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed watching a movie and the feeling it left you with?
Well, I just saw Memoirs of a Geisha. I don’t remember last time a film touched me at so many levels. The movie is a visual treat with a spell-binding narrative and magical moments. What book could have painted such a montage of colours and ethereal frames!
Haunting score, splendid performances, exquisite costumes and exotic sets shot beautifully make for a sumptuous feast. The fairy-tale story of a girl from a village in the early nineteenth century Japan, who goes on to become a top geisha is woven together with top-notch production values, while managing to tug at your heart-strings.

The young girl sold off along with her sister has nothing to look forward to until a random act of kindness by a stranger gives her a meaning and vision. But for all her talent and inherent qualities it’s not a smooth ride. It’s a bitter contest with the incumbent top geisha. Assisted by a senior geisha and a game of will and wiles she manages to outsmart her. Her ascension to the top is marred by the American occupation of Japan and she has to flee to countryside. She manages to come back and meets her earlier benefactor ending in a sweet climax.
The Arthur Golden novel has been produced into a movie by Steven Spielberg and directed by Ron Howard.


Harkiran Kaur said...

OO! I always thought that its more "women liked" movie, glad you liked it too! I had read the book before and watching the movie was sure a pleasure too!

Good direction!

jaypee said...

then it must be the "woman" part in me that made me like the movie.